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Four Wheels


If you prefer four wheels over two, you can still access some parts of the Queensland Moto Park however not all areas will be available. Quads have access to the trails including a section of trail reserved exclusively for 4 wheelers. If you are looking for a challenge Quad bikes are also allowed on the MX tracks, however we will need to close the tracks from the MX Bikes to allocate times. 

Currently, when there are enough riders available (numbers are up to the discretion of QMP) we will close an MX track off from the Two-Wheelers and let the Quad riders ride the tracks for a period of time. The number takes into consideration the amount of Senior and Junior MX bikes also riding at the park.

This also applies for Side-Car Motocross bikes.

Side By Side (SXS, UTV) Vehicles

SXS vehicle guidelines are currently being looked into. The 4 wheeler trail is available for use and all passengers must be covered by a minimum MA SURL licence and also be able to comfortably reach all controls including the footrest.

Only UTV vehicles such as those produced by Yamaha, Polaris and Can-Am (or similar) are allowed access. Unfortunately at this stage other types of 'buggies' are prohibited.

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