Qld Moto Park Basic Rules

In the interest of safety for all

Please note: Watering system comes on automatically

1.       No riding of motorcycles in car park or camping areas, all riders must use marked yellow crossing on the bitumen to cross the road.   No riding up or down the road.


2.    All motorcycles ridden to bike ways and in the car park must travel in 1st gear ONLY at walking pace.  There are to be no wheel spins or wheel-stands. Pedestrians always have right of way.

3.    No riding on the road, unless crossing at a designated crossings

4.    Motorcycles in the marked bike ways are to travel one way and in 1st or 2nd gear at low revs (under 20km/hr.) with no wheel stands or wheel spins


5.       All riders must pay particular attention to any signage erected

6.       Helmets MUST be worn at all times. A $20.00 fine will be issued to any rider riding without a helmet, and helmet strap must be done up

7.       Do not leave any litter or rubbish at QMP.  Rubbish must be taken home with you or bagged and placed in the bins provided

8.       Any instruction given to you by a Queensland Moto Park employee must be obeyed


9.      Tear-offs are strictly prohibited at QMP


10.  Helmet Mounted Go Pros are prohibited (including visors)

11.   In the event of an accident, if you are the first rider to come across a fallen rider, you must stop and check that the rider is ok. If you are the second rider to come across a fallen rider, you must stop and ensure that following bikes are warned of the accident and are kept clear. If necessary, send for help from the park office or ring for help on 07 5463 5015.


12.If entering the fenced off-track areas on foot, you must wear a QMP visitor vest; sign the indemnity form and wear covered in footwear while inside these areas. These vests are available from the office free of charge


13.   Any direction given to you by a QMP staff member must be obeyed, abuse of staff will not be tolerated


14.  QMP requires you to have a basic level of riding gear:

·         Long pants

·         Long sleeve shirt

·         MX Boots for MX tracks a must (trails require minimum of ankle length work boots)

·         And an approved helmet