Camping / Day Use Rules and Regulations

Please leave the grounds as you found them and report any damage to the grounds, fauna or flora please report to QMP Staff. 

o Customers using the camping areas are required to respect the rights of other campers and to keep noise to a minimum. 

o Generator noise kept to a minimum and not to operate before 7am and not later than 9pm. Consideration of other campers is to be taken into account whilst placing generators out for use. 

o Music should also be kept to a minimum and not contain offensive or obscene language 

o Vehicle Movement is to be kept to a minimum in camp areas. 

o Low Beam headlights are to be used when driving through camping areas at night. 

o Campfires must be contained in fire drums provided/ must use double sided fire drum 

o Please take all rubbish home or place it in the skip bins provided at the toilet block.

o No rubbish is to be burnt in fires or left in camp areas, this includes cans and bottles 

General Conduct 

o Parents/Guardians must supervise children at all times o No dogs or other pets are allowed.

 o Park facilities and infrastructure are not to be damaged in any way. Persons damaging park property will be evicted and may be banned for a period of time. 

o Violence and/or abuse are strictly prohibited and will result in eviction and reporting to police as needed. 

o Firearms, archery equipment, chainsaws, fireworks or similar equipment is prohibited at QMP. o Vehicles and/or motorcycles are not to be operated by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

o Seatbelts and/or other approved restraints are to be used by drivers and passengers in all vehicles at all times 

o Passengers are not to be carried in/on the back of utilities or trucks 

o All instructions from QMP staff and management are to be complied with immediately 

o Local Police can and do patrol QMP property. 

Breach of this code 

o Any rider, spectator, camper or contractor found in breach of this “Code of Conduct” will receive a warning and/or be evicted from the park.

o QMP Staff may involve the local police in incidents that require police attention. 

o After any breach of these requirements resulting in police action, eviction or removal from the park, the patron shall forfeit any money paid and remain liable for restitution for any damage caused. The patron may also be banned from attending QMP for a period of time.